It all started with an vision.

To grow health food, that we could fell good about feeding our family and friends. It has now grown into a way of life, that we thank God for daily as He blesses us.

2.6 acres, our small farmstead

A diverse, four season farmstead, producing the best
quality produce, mushroom, pastured eggs, herbs,
microgreens, holiday turkeys, and more. We do our
best, unto the Lord!

Circa 2003, 5 Woods Life began with just 2 Woods. Then in 2008, 2009, and 2012 we grew to 5 Woods. We have had a garden since the first year we were married. Tommy has always enjoyed growing things and getting his hands dirty.

When our kids were little, our leisure time became watching health documentaries together. Our perspective on food and farming practices changed very drastically over a very short period of time. We no longer wanted to be supporters of Big Ag and Big Pharma. We took our health very seriously and believed that if we are to change our health lineage then it would be up to us to make that change. The government is not too concerned with our families health. Sickness means more money for the above industries.
So as the years progressed, our practices have expanded. Being debt free has always been a priority throughout our marriage and played a significant role in being able to walk away from a corporate career on May 2, 2018. Our Holistic Health Business, His Anointed LLC, had grown to have a predictable income and future growth possibilities. These all played a part in farming becoming a full time career.

Want to know where the name came from? Well, it is simple really. There are 5 of us in our family and our last name is Wood, but the "Life" part of the name has a bigger story. We homeschool, farm together, teach holistic medicine together, serve at church together and just do, well, "life" together. So when our oldest daughter was in 2nd grade we were required to officially register our homeschool. We thought of 5 Woods Academy, 5 Woods Homeschool, etc., but our daughter wanted 5 Woods Life because that is what we do together, LIFE. So, 5 Woods Life has become our umbrella term for all that we do. We live life together. Thank you for being a part of our life! We are thankful to God for every single person He brings to our family. We are blessed because you are here!

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